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With the new Easy App you only download the link icon.
You don’t need a store, no personal data, it doesn’t take up memory on your phone, you don’t need updates and it’s always free.

In 10 secondi scarichi l’ icona 

More than 3800 free TV channels, films, music, TV programs and series, fiction and even previous episodes are available.

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Although installation is very easy, the phones can have slight differences in the steps to follow.
Under 2 methods available.


Log in to:
1) Press the “Settings” symbol.
2) Press “+ add to…
3) Press “Application screen” or “add Home
(The voice may change depending on the device)
Finished !!! You now have MioTV in your phone icons


• Log in to Google Chrome (which you have in your phone)
• Type: (send and the site opens)
• Select the dotted menu at the top right (could be 3 dots)
• Select “Add to home screen”
• You can change the name of your choice (eg. MIOTV)
• It will be added to your home screen (where you have all the other apps)


With the MioTV App you can watch online for free over 3800 TV channels worldwide with your Smartphone. Tablet, Smart TV.
For Italy, most of the TV channels existing on the network are available, clearly there is no shortage of the most sought after such as: Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rete4, Canale 5, Italia 1, La7, TV8, La9, Spike , SkyTg24, Cielo, Real Time, DMax, 105TV, Rai 4, Rai 5, Motor Trend, Italia 2, etc etc.  
Same thing for the rest of the world.

For some countries, TV Programs, TV Series, Fiction, and even previous episodes are also available.

Categories available:
News, Motors, Sports, Music, Children, News, Religion, Entertainment etc.

MioTV is an UNLIMITED and FREE service.
The use of Miotv is free, free and unlimited. You can use it by logging in from the app, or directly from the internet by typing on google:

New function: REMOTE CONTROL
If you want you can activate the “REMOTE CONTROL“function, your access to the TV channels will be immediate and you can create your own customized remote control with your favorite channels.

More information

Do you have an iPhone smartphone?

If you wish, you can install the EasyAPP on an iPhone smartphone, or see more App info.