How MioTv was born

Well … if you want the “truth” MioTv I created it because I liked it, or rather … it solved the problem of watching TV outside the house.

I’m not an employee Tele … but, every time I was around and without a TV in hand … here was a program that I wanted to see !!

So … as a computer scientist and geek I started thinking about how to solve the problem.

A few days later … the solution had arrived, I had found a way … BUT …. he was really slow and bearded.
Every time to look for a program it took a lot of time … and on average, when I found it … the program was almost over!

Maybe personally I would have been satisfied, but every time I shared the vision of a TV program with friends … the ritual questions invariably arrived:

  • “how cool … can I do it too?”
  • “can you also watch Rai and Canale 5?”
  • “can you see it also with my smartphone or my pc?
  • “Can I also watch TV on the train or in the car?

In short …. all such questions, and this made me understand one thing;

I was not the only one in the world interested in wanting to watch live TV on smartphones, PCs or tablets, without distinction from the place.

Initially we were only 3 to know this thing, me and a friend of mine who liked the game, plus my mother, who initially liked it, immediately after he wanted to turn on his TV to check if it was really live. Having ascertained with amazement, the direct tells me:

“Beautiful … but I never go out, I watch it on home TV”

MioTV = 0 points / Mamma = 1 points

Excluding Mama Mary, I still understood that it could be useful to many people.
The fact remained that it was too complicated, I had to find a way to simplify, to make things more immediate and less geeky.

Something was needed that would allow anyone to be able to access the app (if you haven’t downloaded it yet, find it HERE) and to choose the channel with a click to watch it immediately. Better if free.

We started with 8 channels … after a year we went to a few hundred, now there are more than 3500 channels.

We started from Italy … a year later MioTv is used by users from 196 countries worldwide

We started with me, then a friend and I … after a year … MioTv has almost 10,000,000 friends

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Know that there is no obligation, it only serves to see all the channels first … and also see the new arrivals.
I conclude by saying a big THANK YOU FRIENDS, if we are growing so strong it is thanks to your word of mouth, we will make sure to improve more and more to support your passion.

A big hug …. Max

Ah, just to say … One Sunday I took my mother to the lake and after lunch she asked me to watch a TV program with that “THING” that I had done.

MioTV = 1 points / Mamma = 1 points