How to watch Internet television

On this page we show you the ease with which you can watch TV channels directly from the internet

Thanks to new technologies it is now possible to watch television directly from smartphones, computers, tablets, smart TVs and even from the Play Station, you only need the simple Internet connection.

where and how you can watch TV channels from all over the world

What TV channels can you watch

Generally, TV broadcasters have frequencies dedicated to digital terrestrial or digital. Today many of them, one might say the majority, have streaming.

Tv Streaming

Streaming is the new technology that allows the viewing of television programs on the internet. This means that anyone who owns a device connected to the internet can easily watch television.

How to find TV channels

This is probably the most complex part, in the world there are many streaming channels and a user would be forced to carry out numerous and long searches to find the channels.

In addition to this, you should know that … every TV station would like you to install their APP on your smartphone.

TV streaming app

As said, there are an incredible number of APPs.
There are two types of apps:

  • Native, which have a considerable weight occupying memory and slowdowns because they are downloaded to your smartphone.
  • Progressive (the new generation) that only downloads the link on your screen. (The traditional icon)
    With this you could have more slowness in the initial opening of the page (about 1 or 2 seconds more) but enjoy all the benefits of not having to download unnecessary weight (Mb).
NOW … let’s see how you can watch TV.

You have two possibilities.
1) Search and install the apps of all the channels of your interest.
2) Use the new link services, some for free and some for a fee. In these you can find the connections to 5/10/100 TV channels of a specific country.

Precisely for this reason the free service of MioTv was born.

The birth of the MioTV streaming portal has really changed and made it easy for everyone to watch online television.
In just over 1 year, over 10 million users from 196 countries worldwide use MioTv.

The app: download only the link. The weight remains all on Miotv.
TV channels: There are TV channels from all over the world.
Service: the service is completely Free and Unlimited


Regardless of the system you want to use, you may experience the problem of GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATION.

There are TV stations that limit the viewing only for users who connect from the same country.
I’ll give you an example:
You are in Italy and want to see an Italian TV channel = Ok see everything.

You are in Russia and you want to watch an Italian TV channel = In some cases you may not see.

Some TV broadcasters have configured geographic restrictions that do not allow viewing from some states.

Just use a VPN, which simulates your location from a state of your choice.
See here how to use a VPN.

Now you know how streaming works, you’re ready to watch TV.

If you want to try MioTV enter and choose the channel to watch