How to watch TV from a mobile phone

Today you can watch the TV of the world’s channels, directly from smartphones, computers, tablets, smart TVs and even from the Play Station, you only need a simple internet connection.

You have a site (completely free) where through a simple remote control you can choose the channel to watch.


In the “MioTv” web portal you can watch TV Online for free.

This portal is completely dedicated to watching television on the internet, in it there is a huge section of TV channels in the world.

Use Online TV

  • All connections are directed to the OFFICIAL channels
  • The available channels are free to use.
  • Use completely FREE for everyone.
  • No download required.
  • No subscriptions needed.

For information:
Know that there are broadcasters that require a first registration.

Streaming movies

The FILM area is available for some states.

Right now MioTV is working to implement the vision of streaming movies for all countries.

Ok, try now, select the country and choose the desired TV channel. Good vision

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