Follow these steps to set your preferences.

1) Select your favorite language
2) Select the country of your favorite channels
3) Click the SAVE button
4) Click Log out / Disconnettersi

Now make your first login by entering your email and password (Little man icon at the top of the screen) and you are ready to start choosing your favorite channels to insert in the remote control.

  • To see your remote click the HEART at the top of the screen
  • To set your preferences you must LOGIN.
  • More information (see)

Setting Panel

The panel is only visible if you are logged in

Control panel

At the top of the screen you always have the control panel available to make navigation easier.

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  • Quick access to your channels.
  • See all available channels
  • Automatic insertion of new arrivals.
  • Language already set
  • Password protection (your choice)

FAVORITES function

  • The “heart” key is activated
  • You can choose your favorite channels
  • Your remote control is created
  • Keeping in memory
  • Direct access from “heart” icon

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