Watch Formula 1 Live on the internet (F1 online)

How to watch free F1 live or delayed online. Formula 1 racing calendar

Now you can watch the Formula 1 races on streaming TV for free, follow the F1 2021 calendar

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  • Italian Time: Free Practice, Qualifying, Races

Formula 1 live and delayed

As you know, to watch the Formula 1 races live on TV you must have a Sky subscription, if you do not have this subscription you have the alternative of watching the race on a deferred basis. (a few hours later)

Another interesting alternative is to watch Formula 1 on the internet.

Precisely for this reason there are TV channels that broadcast some races live and others on a delayed basis.

To access these channels you can use MioTv, using the simple internet connection via Smartphone, computer, tablet, pc, smart TV, Play Station.


All very easy and immediate, you can download the MioTv app, or by accessing the internet at or

Once logged in, go to the Italian channels, choose TV8 and you will be immediately connected to the official streaming channel.
I remind you that you will see some races live, others delayed about 3 or 4 hours later.


There are broadcasters that restrict the view of the channel to residents of the state only, so if you connect from a different country you may see a message that informs you of the impossibility of viewing due to your area.

In that case, you can connect via a VPN, which simulates your access from another country.
There are many of these VPN services, both free and paid.
Here you can get more information:

►How to watch Streaming TV from abroad

Know that MioTv … is not just Formula 1
MioTv offers you more than 3700 free TV channels from all over the world, you can watch MotoGp, football, tennis etc etc and all the broadcasters that have the streaming function, with all the movies and live TV of all kinds.

The use is completely free and unlimited.

Formula 1 calendar 2021


Data GaraGPCountryOra localeOra italianaDiretta tv
28 marzoGP BahrainSakhir18:0017:00Sky.Tv
18 aprileGP Emilia RomagnaImola15:0015:00Sky-TV8
2 maggioGP PortogalloPortimao15:0016:00Sky.Tv
9 maggioGP SpagnaBarcellona15:0015:00Sky-TV8
23 maggioGP MonacoMonte Carlo15:0015:00Sky-TV8
6 giugnoGP AzerbaijanBaku15:0014:00Sky.Tv
13 giugnoGP CanadaMontreal14:0020:00Sky.Tv
27 giugnoGP FranciaLe Castellet15:0015:00Sky.Tv
4 luglioGP AustriaSpielberg15:0015:00Sky.Tv
18 luglioGP Gran BretagnaSilverstone15:0016:00Sky.Tv
1 agostoGP UngheriaBudapest15:0015:00Sky.Tv
29 agostoGP BelgioSpa15:0015:00Sky.Tv
5 settembreGP OlandaZandvoort15:0015:00Sky.Tv
12 settembreGP ItaliaMonza15:0015:00Sky-TV8
26 settembreGP RussiaSochi15:0014:00Sky.Tv
3 ottobreGP SingaporeMarina Bay20:0014:00Sky.Tv
10 ottobreGP GiapponeSuzuka14:0007:00Sky.Tv
24 ottobreGP Stati UnitiAustin14:0021:00Sky.Tv
31 ottobreGP MessicoCittà del Messico13:0020:00Sky.Tv
7 novembreGP BrasileSan Paolo14:0018:00Sky.Tv
21 novembreGP AustraliaMelbourne17:0007:00Sky.Tv
5 dicembreGP Arabia SauditaJeddah19:0017:00Sky.Tv
12 dicembreGP Abu DhabiYas Marina17:0014:00Sky-TV8
F1 Calendario 2021

Italian Time:
Free practice – Qualifying – Race

28 marzoGP Bahrain*12:30-13:3016:00-17:0013:00-14:0016:00-17:0017:00
18 aprileGP Emilia Romagna11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
2 maggioGP PortogalloTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
9 maggioGP Spagna11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
23 maggioGP Monaco**11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
6 giugnoGP Azerbaijan11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0014:00
13 giugnoGP Canada17:30-18.3021:00-22:0017:00-18:0020:00-21:0020:00
27 giugnoGP Francia11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
4 luglioGP Austria11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
18 luglioGP Gran Bretagna12:30-13:3016:00-17:0013:00-14:0016:00-17:0016:00
1 agostoGP Ungheria11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
29 agostoGP Belgio11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
5 settembreGP Olanda11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
12 settembreGP Italia11:30-12:3015:00-16:0012:00-13:0015:00-16:0015:00
26 settembreGP Russia10:30-11:3014:00-15:0011:00-12:0014:00-15:0014:00
3 ottobreGP Singapore11:00-12:0014:30-15:3012:00-13:0015:00-16:0014:00
10 ottobreGP Giappone04:30-05:3008:00-09:0005:00-06:0008:00-09:0007:00
24 ottobreGP Stati Uniti18:30-19:3022:00-23:0020:00-21:0023:00-24:0021:00
31 ottobreGP Messico***19:30-20:3022:00-23:0018:00-19:0021:00-22:0020:00
7 novembreGP Brasile15:30-16:3019:00-20:0016:00-17:0019:00-20:0018:00
21 novembreGP Australia02:30-03:3006:00-07:0004:00-05:0007:00-08:0007:00
5 dicembreGP Arabia Saudita13:30-14:3017:00-18:0014:00-15:0017:00-18:0017:00
12 dicembreGP Abu Dhabi10:30-11:3014:00-15:0011:00-12:0014:00-15:0014:00