How to watch TV streaming from another country

Miotv, the easiest solution to watch TV channels from abroad – for free

Are you in your country and do you want to watch online TV channels from another country?

Ok, don’t worry, now I will give you the solution.

Now let’s see how to watch TV streaming from another country

In most cases, just connect to where you can find the main streaming TV channels in the world. By choosing the channel you are immediately connected to the official live broadcast.

There are TV stations that limit the viewing only for users who connect from the same country.
I’ll give you an example:
You are in Italy and want to see an Italian TV channel = Ok see everything.

You are in Russia and you want to watch an Italian TV channel = In some cases you may not see.

Some TV broadcasters have configured geographic restrictions that do not allow viewing from some states.

Just use a VPN, which simulates your entry from the state you have chosen.

So …
You are in Germany, you want to see an Italian TV channel, activate the VPN, set it on “Italy” connected to you choose the channel and watch it quietly.

If you want to see the TV channels present in a different state from yours with Miotv you can do it easily.

What is a VPN

A VPN is simply a node that is interposed between the computer and the server.
This allows you to hide the identity and some specific information of the device that requires the connection.
In the specific case, a VPN allows you to hide the geographical position by assigning it an IP that dates back to another country.

If you want to connect to Italian TV channels you will need to set up a VPN on Italy

There are several software and VPN services, both free and paid.

How to watch TV streaming with a VPN

1) Install a VPN
There are many on the net, both paid and free, you just have to choose what’s best for you.

2) Choose a location
Open the VPN and set the location where your favorite program is available. For example: do you want to see Rai? You must set “Italy”.

3) Use the Internet normally
Once activated the VPN you will seem connected from a different place (i.e. the one you have chosen) now you can connect as you usually do with your browser (Chrome, Firefox or whatever you use) to or also to the App of miotv and see your favorite channels.

The best VPN

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With a single subscription, it includes easy-to-use apps for each device you own.
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Up to 5 devices simultaneously.

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