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TV in streaming gratuita online

Free Online TV Streaming

MioTv is the simplest way to watch LIVE TV channels around the world. With any device connected to the Internet.
Not many apps are needed. No memory occupied which slows down the phone.

Online TV streaming

Link to over 3700 official TV channels



How to do it
1) Set the country  2) Choose the channel  3) Start live TV

The main categories: All General, News, Sports, Music, Children, Religious and others

Terms of use
The use of this service is free and unlimited. Connection active 24h. for 365 days

You can use MioTv with:
Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, Smart TV, Play Station

New function “Remote Controll”

You can enter your favorite channels and use them with any device.

  • Custom remote control
  • Instant access to your channels.
  • View all available channels
  • Automatic insertion of new arrivals.
  • Language already set
  • Password protection (of your choice)

Watch TV on internet

Free Online TV Streaming

Today you can watch the TV of the world’s channels, directly from your smartphone, computer, tablet, smart TV and even from the Play Station, all you need is a simple internet connection.

MioTV is the REMOTE CONTROL for watching TV online

In the TV book “MioTv” you will find a list of the main TV channels in the world. Thanks to this, direct links to official televisions are obtained.

By selecting the desired TV channel, you exit “MIOTV” and access the chosen broadcaster, solely responsible for the contents displayed and their perfect functioning. MioTV does not have any proprietary TV channels or content.

For Italian users: see Italy website ►

Watch online TV

Streaming television is undoubtedly the TV of the moment and more and more will be in the future.
Most of the world’s broadcasters have geared up to offer their programming to online users.

The transmissions are the same that are transmitted by the traditional system, which are displayed simultaneously.

What channels can you watch?

The channels are the same, ie the same TV stations that you normally find on your home TV.

What do you need to watch TV?

There are basically two things you need:
a device and an internet connection.


You can watch TV with any device with an Internet connection, such as:
Smartphone, computer, PC, tablet, notebook, Smart TV and even from the play station.

Internet connection

All internet connections are fine for watching your favorite TV channels, even just connecting your smartphone is suitable. For information, know that the home internet line is usually faster and more performing. So you will have a better connection.


Free App to Watch Online TV

“Easy App”

the app that doesn’t take up memory in your phone!


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With Easy App you will see all the channels even the NEW ones inserted.
It updates automatically.