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Area reserved for television and radio broadcasters that have a streaming channel.

TV Book – MioTv
If you have a radio or TV station you can take advantage of the free MioTV service that brings new users to your channel.

How does it work
MioTV is a “TV directory” unlike the various IPTV or TV APPs that illegally incorporate and show YOUR contents to their users, MioTV sends users directly to YOUR channel.

Your and our advantage
We are partners and not competitors, therefore we have the same interest.
It will be important for you that MioTV works a lot because you will receive a greater number of users.
At the same time, if your channel increases in popularity and demand, MioTV will receive more requests.

The user benefit
As you surely know, people are already full of applications and would never download so many apps to watch TV or listen to the radio.
With MioTV they have it all by downloading just one App.

Amazon’s success is testament to this, with a single app the user has thousands of suppliers available.

How to participate

Request to insert Radio TV station

To insert your channel on MioTV send the request using the official email of the broadcaster or a manager. (free service)

What is needed:

Image of your channel logo

  • In jpg or png format
  • small size (preferably square)

URL address of the web page where the live stream is transmitted.

  • example: –

Channel insertion:

At your choice it is possible to be inserted on the Italian portal: and / or on the international portal:

(Soon … there will also be a 3rd international portal … COMING SOON, not long)


Banners are also provided to be placed on your site to indicate your presence on MioTv to your audience.

1) Upload Banner to your site:
If you want to enter your channel in the Italian portal.

2) Upload to your site Banner
If you want to enter your channel in the international portal

3) Upload both Banners to your site:
If you want to enter your channel in the 2 portals

MioTV banner

This must be linked to :

miotv the streaming tv

MioTVonline banner

This must be linked to :

Copy and paste your favorite banners on a primary page of your site.

After making the insertion send us the URL of the pages containing the banners.
You can use the form at the bottom of the page or write to:

After our prior check, the insertion takes place within 24/48 hours. (Free service)

If you wish …
After accepting your request for channel insertion in MioTV, you have the possibility to use the same banners in your advertising channels, such as: social (all) messenger, email, whatsapp and similar.
All clearly for the same purpose and method in respect of the parties.


As with many broadcasters that need more vision, we have the opportunity to offer you different spaces and allocations that bring your broadcaster to better visibility.

Various advertising methods are available, all dedicated to increasing the visibility of the channel, offering you priority spaces or positions that will increase the induced users.

Dedicated spaces, banners, channel indexing, commercials, priority position and more, are some of the possible advertising opportunities with extremely low costs (starting from € 9 per month)

For any request or information please contact us without obligation, you will be contacted shortly.

If you wish to be contacted by telephone, indicate a telephone number.

Quality advertising

With MioTv you can reach a huge number of users, of all ages, a range of 15 to 72 years.
You have a huge audience that usually enters the portal and thousands of new people every day who use our service, they are also quality and loyal users, to the point that they are ours and your word of mouth.

It is convenient

Your advertising on MioTv is able to reach thousands of users every single day and this will increase visibility and notoriety, but the fundamental thing is …. They are all users looking for Radio and TV channels !!!
Here they are not looking for jeans, lipstick or the sale of a used moped, here … they want to watch television or listen to the radio.

A “targeted” advertising

For this MioTv makes itself available to promote your business, helping you to build a marketing campaign suited to your needs and budget.

See price list

Some informations

MioTv consists of two portals:

  • Italian:
  • International:
  • Access to MioTv: internet or App
  • Viewing can be done from: Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, Notebook, Smart TV and Play Station
  • Internet connection required
  • Available channels: + 3750 (about 5000 channels are expected)
  • Countries with channels: + 150 (see Countries)
  • Coverage: 206 states
  • Languages: multilingual – MioTvonline with automatic recognition
  • Free and free use
  • Assistance: Email and telephone
  • “Remote Control” function allows the user to set the language and country of the favorite channels, as well as the creation of their own customized remote control, by inserting the favorite channels.

Contact us

After making the insertion send us the URL of the pages containing the banners.

You can use the form or write to:

(Remember to send the logo)

    You will be contacted as soon as possible.