The channel is not working

Possible problems due to the difficulty of watching a streaming TV channel

Let’s see what are the problems and possible solutions for watching Internet TV

Basic problems

Watching TV over the internet you may experience some errors such as: slowing down of the video, a key does not start, transmission that stops and the like, most of the possible errors are given by a poor connection quality. So if you don’t have a good signal at that moment, be patient and try again.

TV channels with recording

Some channels require a first registration.
For example: All Mediaset channels after 180 seconds of viewing, to continue viewing the program just log in with Facebook or Register and there will be no more interruptions.

Pay TV channels

MioTv offers you connections only to TV stations that broadcast free of charge. If you access a channel that requires a fee, it is you, based on your personal interest, who decide whether to make a subscription with the broadcaster.

Discovery +

Real Time, Nove, Dmax, Home and Garden Tv, Giallo, Food Network, Motor Trend, Animal Planet, K2 and Frisbee, these channels are now part of the Discoveryplus group, the streaming vision for them is linked to a subscription to be stipulated directly with Discovery +

MioTv will continue to offer you the link but to view the contents you will need to log in to Discovery + with login and password.